Car DVR mirror видеорегистратор

Car DVR mirror видеорегистратор
  • Артикул: 51698-ZMAK
  • Год производства: 2017
  • Производство: Канада
  • Количество на складе: 9 шт.
  • Скидка: Есть
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    VT 0100 USB Vendor Specific
    VT 0101 USB Streaming
    VT 0200 Input Vendor Specific
    VT 0201 Camera Sensor
    VT 0202 Sequential Media
    VT 0300 Output Vendor Specific
    VT 0301 Generic Display
    VT 0302 Sequential Media
    VT 0400 External Vendor Specific
    VT 0401 Composite Video
    VT 0402 S-Video
    VT 0403 Component Video

    Progress the development of a variety of auxiliary automotive electronic devices steadily leads to greater similarity of our cars with real robots of science fiction. Now any driver with an appropriate electronic equip your car gets a lot and most importantly timely and very useful information that makes it possible to instantly take in any, even the most extreme situation adequate solutions and to secure in any trip maximum security. Electronic "stuffing" of the car comes to the rescue even in the most unpleasant situations! And DVRs, in this case take first place for example GPS rear view mirror with DVR shift .